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    We are Magpie, an Agile software design and development firm, with happy customers since 2001.

    Founded by Bell Labs software engineers with dozens of patents, we team with clients in an iterative, collaborative, and flexible process that delivers exceptional software on-time, every time.

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  • About Us

    Magpie Software Services Corp is a Colorado-based software engineering firm that develops software for clients in a wide range of industries including communications, smart energy, healthcare and service organizations. We have offices in Westminster, Colorado (just north of Denver) and Durango, Colorado.

  • Our Approach

    At Magpie, we take on the tough technical problems, decide on the most appropriate modern technologies and architectures, project manage efficiently, and implement software of high quality that stands the test of time.


    All of our team-members are in the US and highly experienced (most with 15-20 years of experience)


    For over 10 years we’ve specialized in Agile development, allowing for increased speed of development, flexibility in features, and client visibility into progress.

    Partnership Approach

    Our goal is to make our clients successful. To do that, we understand their business goals, apply the right people, iterate rapidly, and have fun while doing it.

  • How We Work

    While the needs of each project determine the unique technology used, the core process is the same. These are the result of years of experience and a relentless focus on delivery. The Magpie Agile Process™is our software development methodology focused on iterative and incremental development.


    We initially focus on understanding the clients goals. Then we plan the resources needed, evaluate alternatives, and create a strategy to drive development.


    With the strategy in place, we begin development. We deliver results in two-week iterations, keeping the client involved throughout the development.


    At project completion, we work closely with the client to support deployment, make modifications, and provide documentation for a successful launch.

  • How We Work: Discovery

    The beginning of the project can feel like being lost in a forest. Without smart planning there can be disastrous results. We focus on understanding the business goals that are driving the project. From there we articulate a tight strategy that drives development.

    • Build Client Relationship
    • Understand Business Goals & Requirements
    • Define Project Delivery & Implementation
  • How We Work: Development

    With the project plan as our map, we begin to develop. Our teams are experts in Agile software development. With our certified ScrumMasters and senior software developers, we plan, develop and deliver results to you in two week iterations.

  • How We Work: Deployment

    With the project complete, Magpie provides the tools necessary for the transfer of code and a successful launch. This includes system integration, testing, documentation, knowledge transfer, and more.

    • Testing
    • Documentation
    • Knowledge Transfer
  • Client Stories

    You’re in good company.

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