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  • Seriously Good Software

    Magpie is a custom software design and development firm, with happy customers since 2001.

    Founded by Bell Labs software engineers with dozens of patents, we team with clients in an iterative, collaborative, and flexible process that delivers exceptional software on-time, every time.

    Software Solutions
    Whether the software you need lives on the web or on a desktop computer, we've got you covered. Our developers are fluent in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript for the web and many technologies on the desktop.
    Mobile Applications
    Need a mobile app created? You've come to the right place. We have engineers who are well versed in iOS and Android and keep track of current mobile trends.
    Embedded Firmware
    Want to bring a device to market, but need some help with making the chip work? We're here to help! Our embedded device specialists know their way around a micro controller or two.


    At Magpie, we take on the tough technical problems, decide on the most appropriate modern technologies and architectures, project manage efficiently, and implement software of high quality that stands the test of time.


    All of our team-members are in the US and highly experienced (most with 15-20 years of experience)


    For over 10 years we’ve specialized in Agile development, allowing for increased speed of development, flexibility in features, and client visibility into progress.

    Partnership Approach

    Our goal is to make our clients successful. To do that, we understand their business goals, apply the right people, iterate rapidly, and have fun while doing it.

  • About Us

    Magpie is a custom software design and development firm, with many happy customers since 2001. We use Agile methodologies to create high quality and easily extended software applications, web apps, mobile apps and embedded firmware solutions. Our clients span a wide range of industries including communications, smart energy, healthcare and services organizations. Founded by Bell Labs software engineers with dozens of patents, we team with clients in an iterative, collaborative and flexible process that delivers exceptional software on-time, every time.

    • Margaret Burd

      President and CEO

      Margaret was a founder of Magpie in 2001.  She loves meeting and working with new clients, creating and delivering on corporate strategy and goals, and working with the Magpie teams.

      She’s happiest when biking or hanging out at a beach, so most of her vacations involve a bike and/or a snorkel.

    • Jud Smith

      Chief Operating Officer

      Jud thrives on meeting customer commitments and helping to manage all aspects of the business.

      He also enjoys a competitive game of tennis and hiking in the foothills of Boulder.

    • Barry Ostroff

      Chief Technical Officer

      The only constant is change. That’s our business in a nutshell and I love it. Bringing new technologies together with new ideas to meet new challenges is what it’s all about. But, ultimately, it’s teaming with great people that really drives me. And, everyone, from developers to managers, from sales associates to clients, reinforces that

      When I'm not busy teaming at Magpie, you'll find me teaming on the hard wood or enjoying a round of golf with my buddies.

    • Janice Jones

      Director of Engineering

      Janice enjoys making sure that our teams deliver on-schedule.

      She also sings in a women's choir that performs several time a year in Boulder.

    • Todd Towles

      Sales Director

      Todd has been in Sales and Applications Engineering for 15+ years. He joined Magpie in June of 2014. Start your Magpie discussion by contacting Todd.

      Todd is from Parsons, KS. He likes to golf (12 handicap), ride bikes and motorcycles. Todd has a 7 year old daughter and a schnauzer Maxx.

  • Capabilities

    Click on images to learn more or download here. Refine It Visualize It Realize It Architect It Mobilize It Integrate It Scale It Store It Embed It Organize It Communicate It
  • How We Work

    While the needs of each project determine the unique technology used, the core process for "discovery", "development" and "deployment" is the same. This is the result of years of experience and a relentless focus on delivery.

    The beginning of the project can feel like being lost in a forest. Without smart planning there can be disastrous results. We focus on understanding the business goals that are driving the project. From there we articulate a tight strategy that drives development.

    Build Client Relationship
    Understand Business Goals & Requirements
    Define Project Delivery & Implementation

    With the project plan as our map, we begin to develop. Our teams are experts in using the Magpie Agile Process™ as a software development methodology focused on iterative and incremental development. With our certified ScrumMasters and senior software developers, we plan, develop and delivery results to you in two week iterations.

    With the project complete, Magpie provides the tools necessary for the transfer of code and a successful launch. This includes system integration, testing, documentation, knowledge transfer, and more.

    Knowledge Transfer
  • Client Stories

    You’re in good company.
    Magpie helps LGS with architecture and development.... more.
    Avaya relies on Magpie’s expertise in telecommunications and messaging.... more.
    Responsive Mobile App for high-end restaurant chefs.... more.
    A cloud-based application for cleaning and de-duplicating enterprise medical patient data.... more.
    Magpie Software Services constructed the basic framework for meter data gathering and reporting...... more.
    For the Recharge Colorado website, we reviewed the design, restructured the code, enhanced the website search functions and ... more.
    The team constructed consumer and administrator portals for Mueller Systems.... more.
    This app demonstrates some deep iOS functionality as it streams live audio/video from the device to an upstream server via ... more.
    Magpie developed a native Android app for securing, tracking and recovering lost or stolen phones and tablets.... more.
    Magpie Software Services constructed the communications API connecting home devices to the Enterprise system and built an ... more.
    CenturyLink is a leading provider of Internet, TV and Voice. They wanted to replace their IVR Administration tool with a more... more.
    One of Polycom’s customers requested a new kind of conferencing that would be suitable for their university online classes.... more.
    A home gateway that bridged information from the household ZigBee radio network to the central management system over a GPRS ... more.
    Bolder Boulder is a fun run that has been a Boulder tradition for several decades. We provide one engineer part time for ... more.
    A healthcare startup called mskNAV hired Magpie to implement their iPad-based medical imaging training application. ... more.
    A marketing analytics startup came to us because they had a slick and edgy front-end design for their new application and had... more.
    Time Warner Cable (TWC) had a version of an Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) User Agent (UA). They needed a team... more.
    Katasi had a rough prototype of their distracted driving tracking and prevention application that they needed help to ... more.
    A large voicemail vendor needed to quickly implement voice SMS to become competitive in the Japanese market... more.
    Large project to rewrite a membership management system for the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades... more.
    A smart energy vendor - wanted to create a control panel that was more complex and interfaced with more kinds of endpoints ... more.
    Digi – a vendor of home-based smart energy systems – set off down a path to allow individuals to view their energy ... more.
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